How to setup CI for Ghost Pro

Hey community,

my goal is relatively simple.
I would like to

  • adjust the templates in Visual Studio Code
  • push to GitHub
  • let Travis push to (as I want to remain in the Pro environment)

Did anyone accomplish full CI for pushing template updates?
Is there a documentation on what to setup in a potential yaml file?

I’m very appreciative for any help or recommendation.

Hey @davidseek :wave:

There isn’t a specific workflow for Travis, but there is a fantastic one for Github Actions. If you want to use Travis, you could clone the repo as part of the job :thinking:

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More than good enough. I appreciate that very much!
Enjoy your weekend.

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Works perfectly.
Thank you very much.

Only note: I’ve had to rename my theme in the package.json,
activate the new (renamed) theme. Only then changes have been performed.

Other than that it works perfectly and speeds up everything massively.
Thank you.

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