How to Setup Email

Hello, I have a new self hosted site on AWS EC2 Ubuntu. I want to allow comments to work, so readers can comment on my posts. For this I understand I need Memberships to work, so people can sign in to comment. For membership to work I need email to function. I have been unable to find any official Ghost documentation on how to setup email. I have only seen references to it in these help forums, but much is out of date. Can someone point to the documentation to setup email?
By the way, the only thing I want to do is allow people to sign in for comments. I am not interested in newsletters or memberships for revenue or anything. So if there is a shortcut to do only this that would be great. Thank you

The docs for email config can be found here

Hopefully that helps :slightly_smiling_face:. If you have a specific issue with email, explaining what you’ve tried and what’s not working will help others to help you.

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I’m using mailgun, if you add your credit card and downgrade your subscription at the end of your first month, you have a free plan I think up to 1000 mails per month. Pretty convenient. Hope this tip helps out!

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Transactional emails can also be setup by just filling the config.production.json file. No need for mailgun, unless you want to send newsletters.

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Ok, so this will allow me to sign up people, great! I’ll take a look.

Thanks! Not sure how I missed these. Looks like all I need, I’ll work on this tomorrow and respond with any questions. I am registered with sendinblue or called Bevo I think now, so I may try and use that. I am on AWS so I am going to look into that as well.

After spending hours searching how to do this it took me about 30 minutes total to set it up LOL! I used Brevo formerly sendinblue. Here is a simple tutorial how to do it:

I tested it by signing up to comment found at the bottom of a post page and worked perfect. I would also like a “contact me” email so that is my next project. Thanks all.