How to show posts without tags?

I’ve migrated my website from WordPress to Ghost and loved it :) Some of my posts don’t have a tag, but I can’t see them in the admin page… Is there a way to discover them or should I have to go in SQL ?
Thanks :)

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Post tags can be found by viewing a post in Ghost admin and clicking the cog icon in the top right. You’ll then see a field to add tags on the right hand side:
Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 14.54.00

Ok for that :slight_smile: But I have some posts which were imported without tags - is there a way to find them please ?

Since this is a one-off thing, you could use the Ghost API to fetch posts with tags and filter the posts based on ones without tags :thinking:

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Hello :) Thanks to fueko, here the solution :

Post without tag and with tag:
“in 2.1.0” this is tag so the first post has no tag.

Easy !! :)

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