How to target the editor's dark mode

I’m putting together some HTML cards that utilise inline styling and which set the colour of the text to #000. That makes the text hard to see in the editor’s dark mode. I’m able to override that inline styling with uBlock Origin, but then those changes reflect in the editor’s light mode and make the text hard to see there.

As what I’m putting together is for something I’d like to publicly release next week, and as I figure some people might interchangeably use light mode and dark mode, I’d like to be able to target just the editor’s dark mode for those CSS changes I’ve made in uBlock Origin. I’ve taken a look at the editor’s code, and from what I can tell the classes that seem to set which mode the editor is in are gh-main and, regardless of whether the editor is in light mode or dark mode, gh-main-white. Is there not an equivalent of a gh-main-dark or a gh-main-black somewhere which I can target for this usage?