How to upgrade casper theme?


Hello guys i would like to know that how can i upgrade my custom casper theme to the latest version of casper theme without losing it’s customizations?



Are you wanting the theme to be Ghost 1.x compliant? If so, you can download your existing theme zip from the blog and run it through This would let you know what needs to be updated to bring it up-to-date.


My theme version is currently 2.0.6 and i want to upgrade it to latest version 2.2.0 without losing my customizations. And i am running latest ghost-cli and version


If you used git to fork Casper before applying your changes then you could merge upstream changes in and rectify any merge conflicts.

Otherwise it will be a case of downloading the latest version of Casper and re-applying your customisations manually.

Best practices for modifying themes

I have manually re-applied all customizations again