Update button Casper theme in Ghost Admin

Hi guys,

Since Casper is the default theme of Ghost and is regularly maintained, i recommend an update button for it for the users using the theme (assuming they haven’t made any customizations)


The default version of Casper is the one bundled with Ghost, which is (usually) the latest version of Casper. Meaning when you update Ghost, you should get the latest version of Casper. Are you not seeing this behavior?

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umm oh yes. I get that behavior for a new fresh install with Ghost.

What I mean is for existing theme user (already has content & images), already has Ghost installed.

for e.g. using Casper 4 Ghost 4 —> Update Ghost 5. See Casper 4 is still in place

so i rec’d a button to also update the theme to the latest version.

Casper is automatically updated, provided you are using an unmodified version.

Read more here: How do I update an official theme to the latest version?

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thnks a lot !

I tried what @vikaspotluri123 suggested.

For some reason, it still did not click (not seeing theme updated).

Must be sth on my end.

I’ll have a look & try again. :pray::blush: