How to use Publication / Favicon for Admin interface?

Installation details:

    Installation: Self-hosted Ghost, installed using ghost-cli.
    OS: Debian GNU/Linux, v11
    Node Version: v16.17.0
    Ghost Version: v5.21.0
    Ghost-CLI Version: v1.23.1
    Environment: production
    Database:  mysql-server v8.0.31-1debian11 Community Edition

Question: Is it possible to tweak Ghost so that the ADMIN interface uses the same favicon as the normal read-interface? i.e. the Publication Icon?

I have several blogs that I update - often at the same time. I have lots of tabs open - it’s the way I work. The sites all have distinctive Publication Icons - and are easy to find amidst all my open tabs.

Tabs open in Administrative mode all use the small Ghost black square / white circle - making it hard to find the specific blog in all my open tabs.

It’s not a biggie - but is there something I can do to get the Admin interface to use the Publication Icon as it’s favion.ico?