HTTPS Site URL issues

I’m running into an issue similar to what’s described here: Health Checks on Google Kubernetes Engine when URL is https

Basically: I have an https URL, ghost is serving on localhost:2368. If site URL has https, Ghost gives a 301 redirect for http requests, which is a problem in my setup.

Related github issue:


  • Is it possible to disable 301 redirect for / when URL starts with https? In any case, it seems odd to me that Ghost core is implementing this even though its actually serving traffic over http – shouldn’t this sort of redirect be left up to the proxy?
  • Alternatively, why does Ghost explicitly include the site URL when linking images etc? Best practice (e.g. is to use relative links – it’s easier on the browser, AND it’s protocol agnostic. Is there any way to suppress this behavior?


Also ping @tscott, do you mind sharing the k8s config you used for your healthchecks? I tried to use the tcpSocket option in the readinessProbe for the container, but the Ingress seems to ignore it and keeps trying to use the HTTP probe.