I <3 Ghost - do you have merch?

I love ghost so much. It took a bit of learning to get ramped up, and the community here (@vikas especially) were really helpful.

I am hooked and hope ghost continues to stay blazingly fast and light weight.

Now that I really have Ghost figured out I can spin up a self-hosted new ghost site that looks great and is ready for content within a day.

All this is to say I am now a bit of a fanboy. Do you guys have any merch? I would love to buy a Ghost t-shirt or something.

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Not at the moment! We’re spending all our time working on Ghost, and running a merch store would take significant time/resources away from that, so we just haven’t managed to prioritise it yet. We’d definitely like to do something one day, though :slight_smile:


It would be great to have one day. My current blog platform merch is looking a bit, well, dated… IMG_5572

If i had more time we could spin up a crowdfunding for t-shirt print run, but alas too busy at the moment. Maybe in the new year if people were interested.

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