Would you benefit from pairing with a designer?

I am a somewhat dev savvy designer but would love to pair virtually with someone who’s a master. In turn I could exchange some design expertise.

Which made me wonder… are there any digital Ghost meetups? That could be cool.


That would be cool! Does anyone else have an interest in some kind of online meetup? Maybe in the form of a livestream or ‘webinar’?


To me everything that is brand: Ghost, I sign up without thinking. The only thing that would be very interesting, the possibility of having a subtitle in the native language. Since not all of us control English at a high level. And it is true, that unfortunately there is great content that if it cannot be translated, it is difficult to enjoy and acquire.

But as far as I can help, count on me. :raising_hand_man:

I’ve been thinking a lot about this as well! I still don’t have like a huge community on my blog, but i would love to have an specific place to talk about Ghost design and such. I’m in if help is needed.