My new website branding

I’m rebranding [‘as Spectral Web Services’], although I won’t actually get time to WORK on that until I get the current paid job off my desk, and just had to share with ya’ll the illustration draft that the illustrator I’m working with just sent me.

Is that not the most 100% perfect website hero image you’ve ever seen? I think I’m in love. :heart_decoration:

Yeah, I tried coming up with something serious in hopes that a more ‘agency’-ish website might improve conversions. And then I fell in love with this little gal, and that was the end of that.



Absolutely love it :heart_eyes:


Love it. Just perfect


I think something that exhibits personality and emotion is more impressionable than another ‘agency’-ish website. :ghost:



Sooooo Adorable!

Aren’t they? We are doing a whole website. The next batch of images are due tomorrow and I keep peeking at my email in hopes they’ll be early!!

When I see a ghost cartoon in this context my first reaction is to question if this is a GhostCMS logo or branding then I get irritated. If your brand is Spectral Web Services it would be less confusing if you had a logo that did not invoke the word/name ghost. In another part of the page you could actually show the GhostCMS logo/icon to show visually that you are a GhostCMS expert.

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to Ghost! I’m honored that my branding got to be your very first post! :slight_smile:

Spectral as in ghostly, right? :) Ghost has some restrictions on use of their branding, so this is me sneaking around it, hopefully in an adorable but not overly confusing way. (Possible tagline: Let our ghosts work magic on your Ghost blog?)

Maybe it is just me but I rely on logos and icons to give me quick information much the way ui designers use symbols to communicate information for navigation on a website.

When I glanced at your post because you had a ghost-type logo in your post I thought you were an administrator for the site. I had to process your actual writing and meaning against my belief that you work for Ghost CMS. My point is using a Ghost image creates confusion as to what is being communicated. If you are building a brand identity you should not want confusion as to who you are. You are Cathy and Spectral so it would be better if you had a brand identity that did not have ghost in it. I go to a lot of Agency type sites and they have no problems showing the actual logos of the open source, and private CMS, plugins etc, they have expertise in.

Since Cathy’s post is on the official Ghost forum, I think it’s fair to come to the conclusion you have and make that connection, especially if you’re new to ecosystem.

That said, I don’t feel there is an issue here because Ghost doesn’t use a ghost in its logo and Cathy doesn’t use the word “ghost” in her company name.

I think Cathy is connecting the dots in a clever way so that if you were to stumble on to her website, looking for help with Ghost, the branding immediately signals that you’ve come to the right place.


Super cute :heart_eyes: I am curious how it will look in the context of the finished site.

very nice. I love it.

very cool branding. It is very cute the ghost and the hat, congrats!

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