I am looking to contribute to Ghost

I want to contribute to Ghost. I went through the installation guide but I ran into a problem.
When I type in this command in my terminal it shows something like this.

# First clone Ghost with submodules and make it your working dir
git clone --recurse-submodules git@github.com:TryGhost/Ghost && cd Ghost

Not sure what to do?

Hey @Akash :wave: The issue here is not strictly related to Ghost but rather to the version control (git) configuration. Did you try searching for similar errors elsewhere?

Here’s one example that comes up when I check for this error on StackOverflow:

Thanks, @naz :grinning:. I hadn’t added the SSH key to my GitHub account. Once I did it I was able to clone Ghost successfully. Looking forward to if I can make some contributions to Ghost.

@naz When I execute the command this happens. I have properly followed the installation guide. I have been struggling to set up Ghost in my local system.

# Only ever run this once
yarn setup