Trying to run ghost docs locally

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I’m trying to run locally and ran into two issues:

#Issue 1:
While running git submodule update --init, I ran into this issue. Not sure what it is.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists.

fatal: clone of '' into submodule path '/Users/svikashk/Downloads/docs/content/api/v2' failed

Failed to clone 'content/api/v2' a second time, aborting

Cloning into '/Users/svikashk/Downloads/docs/content/api/v0.11'... Permission denied (publickey).

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

#Issue 2:
Even after running yarn and then copy and pasting .env.example to .env.development, I get

Error: GHOST_API_URL and GHOST_API_KEY are required to build. Check the CONTRIBUTING guide.

- gatsby-config.js:16 Object.<anonymous>

- v8-compile-cache.js:178 Module._compile

- loader.js:700 Object.Module._extensions..js

- loader.js:599 Module.load

- loader.js:538 tryModuleLoad

- loader.js:530 Function.Module._load

- loader.js:637 Module.require

- v8-compile-cache.js:159 require

- get-config-file.js:33 


- new Promise

- get-config-file.js:53 getConfigFile

I’m not sure if #Issue 2 is because of #Issue 1. I git cloned from source today. Any pointers on what I might be getting wrong?

Looks like the parent repository is trying to set up the submodule using SSH, but you haven’t set up SSH with Github yet. I think if you follow these guides you should be all set:

Check for existing SSH keys

Generate a new one, if you don’t already have one

Add your key to your Github account

Awesome! Works like a charm now. Thanks @John. :slight_smile:

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