I am not able to invite my team members, Please help

I installed my blog over the digital ocean. So far so good. But I am not able to invite members over the blog. It keeps alerting - Request was rejected due to server error

I invited a member while setting up the account and he has not received any email as well.

I searched and a user posted a similar issue in past. Ghost forum link

@DavidDarnes You linked a document to the post above. I didn’t understand anything from the document.

Also, I tried to logout and test forget password feature. Even that returns the same issue Request was rejected due to server error

Please help, What I can do? I am a marketer and not a tech person. So, Please suggest something less ‘complicated’.

Thank you

Hi @Vivek_Vardhan,

If you’re self hosting via DigitalOcean, then you’ll need to be technically capable of managing a server along with all the security upgrades and configuration that comes with server management.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, then I strongly recommend switching to Ghost(Pro) or another managed host where all of the configuration, security and management of your site is handled for you.

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Yes, In hindsight I agree with your comment. I want to work on content than the technical aspect of website management.

Meanwhile, Can you please suggest what can be done here?

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.