I can't add staff to Ghost 🤷🏽‍♂️

Hi Team, I am facing an issue with adding my team to Ghost, the steps I follow are pretty straight forward:

In Manage > Staff > I simply add an email address and send an invite,
However, the email send window never closes, then suddenly it does and I get an errorbar on the top of my screen saying: “Request was rejected due to server error”

The emails I have tried to add Gmail, and after adding, I cannot even revoke the access anymore.
The same error shows up.

My URL: learnto.taketheleap.io,
I am using Ghost 3.13.4
It’s self-hosted on Digital Ocean
The browser I have been working from Opera

I have only just set up the blog, and would really appreciate any help with the matter!

Hey @xiaobaz, can I just check if you’ve tried the email testing option in Ghost? There’s a ‘Test email configuration’ option at the bottom of the Labs view. This should help you clarify if your email is configured correctly

Hi @DavidDarnes , Thank you for responding,

I did as you said and got back the same error, “Request was rejected due to server error”

I believe I am facing multiple issues related to emails (with Ghost),
The second one is regarding subscriptions not working, it’s highlighted here.

What steps can I take to troubleshoot this?


Best thing to do is to ensure your mail configuration is set up correctly. We’ve got a bunch of information on how to do that in our docs: