I can't restart my Ghost installation on Glitch (plus some freaking update fix)

Blog URL: https://recaptime.glitch.me/
Ghost Version 2.21.0
Configuration/Environment: I’m in the development environment
Browser/Device: Chrome 76 Official Built 64-bit on Windows 8 64-bit

Hi. I was stressed out looking where is the directory the Ghost is installed. Actually, I’m also finding it to do the 2.30.1 update. Where is that directory (and how to do the update on Glitch)?

Hi there. I just tried using the same setup on Glitch. Are you able to access the database? There might be an entry called migrations_lock which stops migrations from happening when Ghost is updated, if you can delete that then the migrations should happen and the update should work again.

Keep us posted on your progress :+1:

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Okay. I’ll note you about that.

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I updated Ghost to 2.30.2 on my package.json file, but the result is…

So, I’ve reached out the support for any troubleshooting hell ground tips.

I’ll stay you updated about my progress there (unless the system locked this thread after 14d of inactivity).

The problem is now fixed. Here’s how:

  • Before that happens, I made a backup of Ghost data from the old one before the update loop, as what the Ghost devs say.
  • I created a Glitch project tp use as an install script, based on version 2.30.2.
  • I forked it, and I rename the damaged/non-working image as recaptime-draft and the new one as recaptime.
  • I did some configuration changes before proceeding to create an Owner account.
  • After that, I go to https://<project-name>.glitch.me/ghost and I set up my Owner account.
  • Then I go to Settings > Labs > Migration Options then upload my backup file and confirm. Done!

Well done sorting this out, and thank you for sharing your method of fixing it! Hopefully others who have the same setup will find this useful :rainbow:

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