I Can't use local Ghost Content Ap

.env file



Also, this is web site already running. sigortamglobal.com

What do the imports/requires for that first file in the screenshot above look like?

The problem is listed in your screenshot:

It’s saying xhr isn’t available in the server-side environment in which you’re trying to use the content API library.

I think your options are either providing a custom makeRequest function to the Content API library with a http library that’s supported in your environment in place of axios or making requests to the API directly without using the library wrapper.

Example of supplying a custom request function that uses fetch in place of axios (I’ve not tested this, it’s just an example to work from for your own use-case):

const api = new GhostContentAPI({
  url: process.env.GHOST_URL,
  key: process.env.GHOST_KEY,
  makeRequest: ({url, method, params, headers}) => {
    const apiUrl = new URL(url);

    Object.keys(params).map(key => apiUrl.searchParams.set(key, encodeURIComponent(params[key]);

    return fetch(apiUrl, {method, headers}).then(res => res.json());