I can't use the variable inside the #get

This is the plain ghost theme I’m using on ghost-cli.

Issue: I can’t use slug coming from the parent inside the #get.

…/slug may work there. Or tag.slug, depending on what came before. Another option is to pass it into a partial with a different name, so that the #get doesn’t override it — filters are picky about format, so I often use the partial approach. So in your second image pass it in as originalslug={{slug}}, then refer to it that way.

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Hi @Cathy_Sarisky , Thanks

I’ve tried both of your solutions, But not luck.
Still I’m not getting that slug inside the #get.

Given the complexity of your template, logging can be really helpful.

This will allow you to see which data is available and whether it’s being passed properly. (Every time you run a new get helper, you change contexts.)