I have problem with webhooks


I use ghost.org and Integrations -> Custom Integration -> Webhook -> Subscriber added. I except JSON like {"subscribers": [{"email": "...", "status": ...}]}, but ghost.org send me empty json object: {}

Host: my.webhook.host
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Content-Length: 2
Content-Type: application/json
User-Agent: Ghost/2.15.0+moya (https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost)



Wuhhhoh you found a bug!!

It’s been fixed on the latest master (https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost/commit/3459f38c0934a250a5c94f3818d94e62b53cdbfc) and will be released tomorrow :partying_face:

In future, as a Ghost(Pro) user, you can email us directly for support :relaxed:


I’m having the same problem!

I’m using the free trial to test some features, is there any way I can update my ghost version (2.15.0) to the recent one on the admin?

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