I use Casper theme I want to understand where to modify footer

I want to make some text link and social media link.
Right now I’m remove some text by using this in code injection.

.gh-powered-by {
.site-footer-nav {

But I’m not sure what is the right way to modify text and format footer. Or should I download whole theme to fix it then uploading it back? But i’m afraid to do this I need to work on theme file every time it has update in the future. I try not to hard code it.

Generally, yes.

If you want to modify the text and format of the footer of a theme, you’d need to download the theme and do the changes in there.

@dan has put together a great little tutorial on that here: How to edit Ghost themes on your computer

Another option would be to inject some Javascript from the Ghost Admin, but that is neither sustainable nor recommended. Best practice is to download the theme and edit what needs to be changed.

Thank you very much. I’ve try and error show since I first start install nmp in VS code.

Pretty sure we can figure it out :slight_smile:

Can you post the command you’ve used, the error message, and some information about the operating system you’re using?

I’m going to disagree that using code injection is not recommended or sustainable. For small changes, code injection is often the simplest way to make small tweaks to a theme, AND it has the benefit of not having to synchronize any new changes to the theme with previously-made edits. :slight_smile: The only reason you’d need to change the code injection later is if the theme got a large edit that changed the css selectors used.

If you’d like to explain what you are wanting to accomplish in terms of the footer, we can probably come up with some code injection that’ll accomplish that.

Great point! For smaller tweaks, code injection can definitely be a lifesaver.

But let’s say somebody wants to change the structure or add bigger elements. That’s where I’d personally go for a theme edit, just to have that extra control. But hey, maybe that’s just me :sweat_smile:

In the end, I guess it really depends on what you’re comfortable with and what you want to achieve. Both methods can definitely do the job.

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Sure. I use Ubuntu linux desktop. I did install nodejs and nmp. below is my command and error.

sh-5.1$ npm install ghost-cli@latest -g
[222 preload-host-spawn-strategy] Warning: waitpid override ignores groups
sh: npm: command not found
[222 preload-host-spawn-strategy] Warning: waitpid override ignores groups

I download theme file to my PC. already can you guide me which file I can modify footer. I want to have social media icon of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok and link to it. also some text link to Page example … About us.

I like code injection too. Because one thing I don’t like about most of CMS is we need to MOD theme and in the end when update come theme and extension are not working well. I think it’s good concept to MOD theme as little as possible. @jannis Maybe someone can come up with Footer design section in the future.

What I want to do is just add social media logo Instagram, Twitter, FB, Tiktok. and link to it. also some link to page such as About us. and change footer background color and that it.