Not quite sure how to edit themes

Hey all,

I am still new to Ghost. I came from Wordpress. I really need to be able to edit the theme files to insert images into the header, or add privacy policies, etc to the footer and I seem to be running into an issue on how to do this. In WordPress, there was a theme editor that granted access to all of that, or widgets that let you insert text into the footer. I’m not really sure how to do this in Ghost. Do I need a program or something? Sorry for being a noob.



It depends on the theme honestly. There are multiple things you can do:

  1. Add/remove functionality with code injection. There’s a section in the settings for this.
  2. Update the hbs files in the theme directly.
  3. If the theme has minified files, you will have to “build it”, make changes and save it again (the most difficult one in my opinion). In this case, you will need some technologies in your machine, like gulp.

There are multiple tutorials in the Ghost blog about this if you are interested. I’m also thinking about doing more detailed ones as well in the near future.

I have a similar question…going to sound dumb, go ahead and roll your eyes…but…

If we sign up for Ghost pro and are not hosting ourselves, how do we access the hbs files directly?


Hey @kevinburke2 :wave:

You can download your active theme from the design page in your admin panel. From there, you can make changes to all of the theme files. If you want to make big changes, you can locally install ghost. Hope this helps!