I want the email newsletter and the post to look different, but I don't know how to do that


I’m a Ghost Pro user and I’m working on my first newsletter site.

Simply put, my posts will be fairly long so I want my newsletter emails to be an abridged version of the full post. I know that there’s an “Email content” option in the editor, but that will only allow me to add new content to the email instead of hiding existing content.

If I want to define the full post and the email newsletter in one place, but have different sections hidden/shown on each - is there any way of accomplishing this? My concern is that if my post is long this will mean my email is too long and this will negatively affect my open rates.

The simplest solution would be to publish your full post, and then create a separate post for your email, and deliver that as email only with links to your post.

Many publishers do this with weekly roundup emails for example, where you send an email with links to each of your latest posts.