I want to create a cascade of clicks off the menu

I am using Edge as a basis for my first webpage. I like the tile (behind a picture) on the homepage as well as a choice of categories on the top bar (menu). I would like a click in the menu bar to reveal all the posted (which I am calling photo tiles) under that heading/category. So, for example, choose “reviews” from the menu bar and you would be taken to a subpage with all my posts of restaurant reviews. Click on any home page tile, you would go to the corresponding post. Can you help guide me through this please?

I might be able to help, but I think you’re going to need to clarify further. I can’t quite picture what you are trying to do, with “tiles”, and not sure what you mean by “clicks off the menu”… can you provide screenshots?

I think you want to get all the tagged posts? That’s easy enough - see the demo site here: Nature - Edge

If that’s not what you meant, maybe you can clarify! :)

Thank you for your reply. I would like to have under the “seen" menu item a option to post a collection of photos - each set it’s own bunch appearing in a scrollable post of photos. Is that possible?


@robwahlen – using the Edge theme (which I can see you are currently using) you just need to assign the “seen” link to go to a /tag URL instead of a post or page, as @Cathy_Sarisky pointed out in her reply above.

For example in the Edge demo https://edge.ghost.io/tag/nature/

Do you know how to use Tags in Ghost? (On your site I don’t currently see any tags.)

I’ll try again to understand what @cathy_sarisky explained. Thanks.

I thought I was using tags. Am I using them incorrectly? I have one of these on every post.

@robwahlen – Thank you for the screenshot… yes, now I can see you are using at least one tag, product. I would note that because you have preceeded that particular tag with a hash (#), it is an Internal tag

I think what you want instead is to use Public tags to organize your posts into Tag Archives. These tags are not preceeded by a #.

So for example, you create a collection (also called an archive, or list) of posts which are all tagged with the Public tag “seen”, and then that collection will automatically appear at the URL https://www.robwahlen.com/tag/seen/.

Then you create that link in your site’s Primary Navigation like so…

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Good catch, @denvergeeks !

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