I want to put a new section in my homepage

Hello, i use the liebling theme and i want to make a section (red arena)
with the client who work with like the image 2. how i can make it ? I have visual studio for coding

You’ll want to download the theme and unzip it. The page that’s served as the homepage is going to be home.hbs. You’ll probably find that theme calls lots of partials, which will be in the partials directory.

Partials get called like this:

{{> "yourpartial" maybe="someparametervalue" }}

If you see that, find yourpartial.hbs in the partials/ directory. You might have to dig through a couple nested files, but you should be able to find the part of the theme you want to edit! :)

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i dont have a home.hbs file

When there’s no home.hbs, Ghost uses index.hbs instead.

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ok so now i have this:

i create the partials, i put the code in the package.json but the file dont work

i put the partial here too

Try restarting Ghost if you’re self-hosting. But if you’re getting the behavior you want, you can ignore the error message. Sometimes that message is incorrect.