I wrote a C# wrapper for Ghost API

Just thought I’d toss this out. I’ve been working on a C# wrapper for v2.0 of the API called GhostSharp. It supports the Content API and the stable endpoints of the Admin API (pages, posts, images, and site).

If anyone’s interested in trying it out, you’ll need your site URL, and a Content API Key and/or Admin API Key, from the Integrations page. Sample usages are in the readme file.

If you have any problems, requests, issues, etc, feel free to open an issue with the details or just leave a note here. :slight_smile:

Any plans to update to v3? I see there’s a push in git, but no release?

I started looking into it yesterday. I need to double-check everything to make sure I don’t miss any new fields or functionality, but hope to finish things up in the next day or two.

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Added support for v3 and uploaded to NuGet. Let me know if you run into any problems with it.