Python SDK library (unofficial)



I just noticed that now mentions client SDKs, with the Python one greyed out - I suppose it’s in the coming soon category.
If it helps at all, I’ve written a Ghost client library last year that lives on GitHub as ghost-client and I also released it to PyPI as ghost-client.

I haven’t kept it very much up to date with the newer changes in Ghost, but looking at the current/new API, I think it should still work with a fairly decent coverage.
If you’d want to link to it, reuse it in any form, I’m happy to help with it.



@rycus86 thanks for making this available so early with the v0.1 API :slight_smile:

The biggest changes with the v2 Content/Admin APIs are that they have new URLs, new authentication mechanisms (API keys vs client/secret, JWT auth for the Admin API), and a split of posts/pages. In that sense they are not compatible with client libraries that worked with the v0.1 Public API.

The v0.1 API that your client library uses is deprecated and will be going away with Ghost 3.0 - recent installs of Ghost also don’t display the option to turn the v0.1 API on.

If the library was updated to work with the new APIs and matched the functionality of our official JS libraries as much as possible we’d be happy to link to it from the docs :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the detailed answer and for looking into this @Kevin !
I’ll have a look at these changes and what the JS library offers, then I’ll report back if I manage to make any progress. :slight_smile: