I wrote a Mastodon/Fediverse/ActivityPub integration for Ghost

There have been a couple ideas to floating around to integrate Ghost with ActivityPub, but I didn’t see any progress other than a Pleroma integration, so I wrote my own which makes Ghost a first-class citizen instead of a relay. Feedback would be appreciated:


It’s still pretty alpha. I made a semi-viral post that stress tested my integration and I fixed a few things as a result.


  • Appears as a Bot/Service with @username@ghostblogdomain.com on the Fediverse (you can use a subdomain too)
  • Supports Mastodon verification
  • Posts Ghost posts as Articles. Posts with tags on Ghost are tagged appropriately on the Fediverse. The Ghost excerpt is used as the summary (which Mastodon uses to display articles). The article links back to the Ghost blog, but its contents are shared (as HTML) in their entirety.
  • When Ghost posts are deleted or un-published, the content is deleted from the Fediverse as well.
  • Minimal configuration, the Fediverse profile information is pulled from the Ghost settings API.

Wow this is pretty big! I would like to help you out, but I am not an experienced coder. Will take a look to see if I can understand something, but let me know if I can help in some other way.

My handle is mstdn.social/@yannickdoteu