Ideal AWS Cloudfront Setup



We’re serving a Ghost blog through AWS’s Cloudfront CDN and are wondering if anyone can recommend ideal behavior settings that balance a high caching ratio with a responsive site (when modifying content).

For example, what should the Minimum TTL, Default TTL, and Maximum TTL values be?
Should any headers be forwarded (All or Whitelist)?
Should any query strings be forwarded (All or Whitelist)?


I’m not a CloudFront user so I can’t offer any specific advice.

One thing you definitely want to ensure is that there is no forced caching on /ghost/*, the API responses have no-cache headers but if you ignore those you’ll get very broken behaviour in the admin. You’ll want to send all headers to /ghost/* routes if possible, at a minimum you’ll need Origin and Referer for login to work.

For front-end (non-admin/api) routes the min/max/default TTL is dependent on your particular use-case - how often you update your site, level of traffic, etc.

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