Image scaling doesn't work with Unsplash integration?

Hi all! From what I gather, the Unsplash integration doesn’t download the file into local storage, correct? And it has to be in local storage for Ghost to be able to apply it’s scaling, correct?

If the answer to those above questions is yes, is it something that is planned to be added in the future? Using full res images from Unsplash absolutely murders page load speed. But a lot of that has to do with the original resolution of the Unsplash image as well.

Nothing I’m complaining about. I can always download it from Unsplash and upload it through the Ghost admin to get scaling. But, it would be a cool feature nonetheless!

Hey @heyimnick, that’s an interesting question.

You’re right, when using the Unsplash feature it points directly to the image on the Unsplash servers. However when it’s used for the feature image additional sizes are added. If the post is loaded on a smaller screen those smaller sizes are used to get a faster load time while still showing a high quality image.

If you’re conscious about site performance I’d recommend using the Unsplash feature to download the image and then use compression / image manipulation tools to compress the image to a reasonable site for your audience. You can download them by using the down arrow in the top right of each image (appears when you over over the image).
Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 10.47.04
I hope this explanation helps!