Load properly sized Unsplash images

When I use the Unsplash integration, all the images are loaded with width 2000px resulting in large network loads for blog overview pages.

This was asked in this post Unsplash support for img_url size but it’s still not clear to me how this needs to be implemented. John says: "This has shipped and is now available in Ghost by default :ship: ", but I still have the same issue after updating and I cannot find a way to change it. Can I adjust the img_url helper to load smaller sizes now? Help would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry fo opening a new topic, but the one linked above was already closed and I couldn’t reply.

Hi @iwaan , I have the same issue with my blog and I see that we have a PR for fixing this issue here

Resize unsplash image width query to reduce download for smaller devices

What we can do now it vote for it. :slight_smile: