Images in Newsletter loading VERY slow


we have been sending out some newsletters about photographers, showing some of there pictures and in the last one ( Letizia Le Fur: from Canvas to Camera ) the images were loading veeeeerrrrryyyy slowly in our email-box.

What can we do to optimalise this ?
Is it better to use JPG or PNG ?
And what is the optimal size, so they are good enough quality but optimalised ?
Any other settings/edits we should do with the pics before we upload them?

Thanks so much !

Hi there :wave:

You have two images on that page over 2MB, which is pretty big. I suspect it’s the biggest factor in them loading slowly.

In general, JPEG will give you smaller file sizes than PNG, and 2000 px width is a good size to aim for. I think is good for compressing images.

It also looks like your theme is loading the full-size image for the feature, instead of loading it responsively, which would greatly reduce the size. More information here:

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