Images not being compressed (

Hi everyone. I’m new here; my first post on the forum, and I also just purchased a one-year subscription on (I’m a blogger and looking for simplicity).

I hope I’m posting to the right section. It’s just a question, hopefully not a bug.

I’ve transferred about 75 articles from WordPress (via import) on my ghost site, but I have to edit them one by one (optimize, remove unnecessary HTML, etc.) and also add images manually.
After I add original images to the posts (2-3Mb in size), I notice that the images do not compress at all. They load very slowly and are in full size as per upload size.

One thing to mention. I have the site on private (password protected) until it is ready to be published, and then I’ll point the domain to my new ghost site, just to avoid canonicals.

The question is. Are the images not being compressed because my site is on private? If yes, are those going to be automatically compressed once it goes live?
I need to know if that’s normal or a bug, so I know what to do next.

Thank you all, and I’m happy to be here.

What theme are you using? Themes can call for compressed images or not.

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I’m using Source (magazine style).
Didn’t know that themes can have an influence on this.
Should I try to change to another theme and see if this fixes the issue?

I’d expect that Source has srcsets set up correctly for the featured image. (Body images should be handled the same regardless of theme.) Can you link the site?

The website is on private and password-protected. I haven’t pointed the domain yet to it; will do once I manage to go through all the blog posts.

Edit: But as per your request, I can DM you the password for the site and link to already-edited articles to see what I’m talking about

For anyone else interested, Source has a srcset for featured images set up correctly (although it doesn’t convert to webp, which would be my preference).

What it doesn’t do (because no theme can) is trigger loading of a smaller version of the product card images. I just tested on Ghost Pro (since I wasn’t sure what the current situation with the new editor was). I loaded an image that was ~6800x2700px into the product card in the editor. When it got rendered on the page, it was loaded as ~2000px by 800px. That’s better than using the raw images (and @FPVCraft you should be seeing the same behavior), but it’s still much too big for a product card that renders at a maximum of 510px wide in Source, based on the shared cards styling css file.

It seems like there’s some room for improvement there. Unless there’s a 4x display out there or some theme is doing something really weird with product cards, no one is going to need 2000px wide in a product card. It’d be nice if the default behavior were better.

If you need your product card images appropriately sized right now, consider resizing before uploading to Ghost. You may also want to convert to webp at the same time. (Unless you’re emailing a newsletter and your images have transparent backgrounds - unfortunately webp with transparent backgrounds get mangled by gmail.)


Thank you Cathy,
I guess I have to give it some time for the compression event to be triggered.
I briefly (for about 30 minutes) had the page on public and even reuploaded the feature image (for testing), but I am still getting the same 3.6MB in size if I try to download it directly from Ghost.

I’ll try again in the morning to see if there are any different results