Using source theme puts webp links in but there are no webp files in my content directory

I seem to be having a strange problem. I’m using the latest Source theme with Ghost 5.74.0 and the images work everywhere except in the recommended articles.

In those articles I see paths like /content/images/size/w160/format/webp/2023/11/Bartagame_fcm.jpg but there is no format/ directory in my content folder. I see nothing in the logs that says anything about a failure.

What is happening here? Is there a bug in my storage adapter? Is there a bug in the theme? What is going on?

Edit: I temporarily fixed this by copying the source theme and removing the format="webp" tags in the theme. For example:

partials/post-card.hbs:                    srcset="{{img_url feature_image size="xs" format="webp"}} 160w,

Did you use another theme before Source?

It’s possible that your old theme didn’t have the sizes implemented and images were not generated in different sizes at that point. You can try to delete and reupload the feature image for such a post and see if it works.

More details here:

I have the sizes directories and all the matching files for the secrets.

I do not have a formats/webp.

Images that are missing were uploaded while using source.