Images not showing, url says GHOST_URL/content/

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ghost 3.42.0


  • How was Ghost installed and configured?

Ghost CLI

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    Node 14

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I’ve tried to search this error but it’s a hard one to find. My URL is set in both development and production config files and images work in back-end

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Did you import content into your site somehow?

You’ve somehow got our unreleased nextgen URL format on an older version of Ghost :expressionless:

Hi Hannah, Thank you for responding :slight_smile:

I moved my /content folder and config.*.json files to a new install of ghost-cli

Is there somewhere I can define GHOST_URL_ or a work around you can think of?

@Peter_Jaffray what was the version of you previous Ghost install you moved the files from?

It was 3.41.2 cloned from github.

I reverted back and I am having the same issue. Somewhere along the line I broke things… but I am not sure how to replicate. Definitely human error … Is there anything in my theme I can look at or possibly in the database? I don’t mind doing another clean install I just need my content and my theme.

I’m sorry, it seems you’ve got yourself in a bit of a pickle with versions by cloning from GitHub.

The __GHOST_URL__ string does not exist in 3.42, it exists on our development branch only.

The best way forward would likely be to manually remove the __GHOST_URL__ string from the database. You may need to make further amends to get compatible data.

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Understood. I’ll see if I can clean it up and share what I do in case anyone else has the same issue.

Thank you for the responses @Hannah and @naz :slight_smile:

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You and @Hannah might laugh, but you may find it easier, Peter, to just export your Ghost content as a “single glorious JSON” from Ghost’s Lab page and then open it in something like Notepad++. Then just use the “Replace All” functionality to replace all instances of “GHOST_URL/” with “/” (or something to that effect).

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Trying now… Thanks @Torqu3Wr3nch

That worked!

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Having a similar issue with GHOST_URL in my sitemap. Tried exporting / importing, but it messed up most of my data and duplicated my post.


Export, wipe, and then import I forgot the wipe the first time around and I got doubles of everything too.

Aha, thanks. I figured that out, but I think it’s a bug in 4.0.1. I fixed it locally and added a PR.


We’re aware of a couple of remaining issues with the __GHOST_URL__ tag appearing in sitemaps and excerpts and probably a handful of other places. This is not the same issue as reported by @Peter_Jaffray - who had a 4.0 DB running on 3.42 and therefore none of the __GHOST_URL__ tags were replaced as they should be.

The outstanding issues should be fixed in the next release.

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I’m getting this on 4.1.0 using the absolute="url" parameter with the {{img_url}} helper. Didn’t see this in local dev, only in production on DO.