Images not updating in custom theme

I am uploading a custom theme on ghost. I have edited the Dawn theme for customization.
I have changed all the icons but still images are not updated after uploading the theme.
Any help?

Are you self-hosting or using Ghost(Pro)? If the latter, you can contact for official support.

If you’ve edited CSS, you’ll need to run the theme’s build process before uploading it. You’ll need to install gulp, etc – npm install in the theme’s folder – and then you’ll need to create the assets by gulp build and get them ready to upload as gulp zip.

That’s a guess, and maybe you didn’t edit the CSS, but that’s what usually trips up new theme editors! :slight_smile:

It could also be that you’re looking at a cached version of the page.

I have tried this method checked the zipped folder, updated assets are there in zip but when I visit my published website the old icons are there.
Removed the cache from the browser, checked in incognito mode also

Are you able to link the site? I don’t mind having a quick look, in case it’s something obvious on the front end. :) If you link the site, please include a specific example of an image that should be one thing but is showing something else.

Oh, and do you have something like Cloudflare or Fastly caching your site? Not all cache problems are on the local computer, although if the problem is still there six days later, it’s probably not cache…

No I have added the images in assets folders in themes

I need a specific example of where you’re seeing one image but expect to see a different one, please.

In what we do section
Right now the icons are black and white but I have updated these files to orange and black ones

On my screen, it’s a mix:

If you were running something to speed up your site by caching your icons, and you’d uploaded a new icon with the same name as the old one, that could explain this behavior, but you haven’t answered my question about proxying, so I’m assuming you don’t have one.

Oh, ahha. No, it’s a caching proxy problem. When I load that image URL with a ?v=12 (arbitrary string to cause your caching to not serve from cache), I get your new colored icon. I think that’s Ghost Pro’s own caching (Fastly). If that’s the case, you are probably stuck waiting it out. Here’s the two links:


This is THE reason to not upload a new image with an old image’s name. Between caching proxies and browser caches, it can be pretty confusing!

Thanks for investigating the issue @Cathy_Sarisky
I have renamed all the icons now and it is working

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Thanks for reporting back! Glad you got it solved. :slight_smile:

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