Images resulting in 404

We are installing Ghost on a Digital Ocean server, under a path of our main domain (/content).

The initial installation, under /blog, seemed to work fine when uploading images, but since moving to /content we now have an issue where image uploads result in a 404 / [?].

Any tips on what might be going wrong? I assume something to do with the path.
Where can I check the correct URL to uploaded images?

I’d check for a missing / or double / in the path. If you open dev tools or the source, what do you see?

Ok we have some more information:

Regarding the upload issue, looks like new posts that created after we moved Ghost in a subfolder store an incorrect image URL :

GHOST_URL/content/images/2023/09/test-image.png” | ← correct, created before Ghost moved in a subfolder
GHOST_URL/images/2023/10/test-image.png” | ← incorrect, created after Ghost moved in a subfolder