Old images got broken links and new images are not uploading

I’m self-hosting Ghost v5.75.1 on the DigitalOcean. At some point I noticed many of my images got broken links, even thought I didn’t touch server folders or performed any other image related changes. I have no idea what triggered it.

I may have changed folder permissions when Ghost prompted an error during restart and advised to run: sudo find ./ ! -path "./versions/*" -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;.

To double check, here are the permissions of the images folder:
drwxrwxr-x 4 ghost ghost 4096 Jan 10 2023 images

Let’s debug the issue:

  1. A link to a broken image on the article page.
  2. Here is the URL images/size/w1000/format/avif/2023/07/open-source-intelligence-osint-how-to-find-information-on-anyone.jpeg and I have the image in the folder at the very bottom:
  3. When reupload the image the new URL is created for it, here is a part of it: images/size/w1000/format/avif/2023/12/open-source-intelligence-osint-how-to-find-information-on-anyone.webp, but the folder 12 is not create for it.

That’s not the only image, there are many 404 on the website, you can check it yourself.

To sum up:

  1. Many images got broken links, even though they are located on the server. Those 404 errors are quite random, as there are still images in the image folder that can be accessed
  2. New images are not uploading.

I would really appreciate your help here :)

Do you get any errors in your Ghost server logs when uploading?

I don’t think that’s your problem. Kevin was asking specifically about an error during the upload. Could you please upload an image and check the console (F12 to open dev tools) and also the server log at the same time?

Failure to create a folder suggests perhaps a permissions issue still…