Import a static .js file

I want to display a table of data in which its content is sortable, and I ran across the W2UI which has a javascript library which does this ( I got this code to work by linking to the external CSS file using the code injection for the page header, and then by putting the Javascript using a code injection for the page footer. This works great except when I then tryin to insert all of my table content which is a four column grid with 1200 records, which weighs in at about 120,000 characters and it runs up against the 65535 characters limit. Is there a way I cad import the Javascript code into the site in another way and then import/reference it in my code for a given page?

You didn’t mention whether you are self-hosting or Ghost(Pro).

If you are self-hosting, you can upload a file via scp/sftp and then reference it.

I added this block to my Nginx config and then restarted the Nginx to make it available:

    location /static/ {
      alias /sites/;

The path to your content directory will differ. After that, I can reference files I put there by adding /static/path-to-file.txt to my domain name.