Import agenda google and customize it


I’m student and a beginner in Ghost and i would like to embed a google agenda in my website. Then i want to customize it as the design of my school association’s website.

Do I have to use a webhook or an automation solution ?
Is there an other solution instead of google agenda ?

Thanks a lot.


You want to embed a Google calendar, right?

Check out this documentation. Add a Google calendar to your website - Google Calendar Help

You should be able to put the embed code into an HTML card on whatever page you want the calendar to appear on.

Google Calendar customization is limited, unfortunately. If you need a lot of customization, you may want to look at retrieving data from the calendar API and styling it yourself, but that’s a LOT more work. :)

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You can use Tockify for customization. htttps://

Tockify will pull your Google Calendar events and you can style them in the Customizer

… and then embed with a HTML card in Ghost.


Hello Cathy, thanks a lot for your answer, very usefull.
Have a good day.


Hello Mheland !
That’s exactly what i’m looking for, thank you a lot !
Have a good day :slight_smile:


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