Tool for migrating from WordPress to Ghost v2

I’ve created a tool for migrating / importing from WordPress to Ghost 2.x.

It works by scraping your MySQL database and generating a ghost.json file that is compliant with Ghost 2.

Hope this helps someone else.


Hey @Jacob_Martin! If you’re interested in contributing, we’re working on the next version of the official tool for doing this right now:

Planning to do a 1.0 release with better formatting and more reliable compatibility with Ghost versions in the next couple of weeks :slight_smile:


A bit late for me, but nice work @Jacob_Martin! :+1: I’m sure it’ll come in useful to someone.

Good to know the official tool is getting ready as well, though (I contributed a bit there :grin:)

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this is what i have been thinking about for a while. but thought it’s impossible.
is there a way you can help me fix this aint a dev doh but i love what the community is all about. i am more of a designer.

that leads to my 2nd question. is it possible to host your own them using Ghost?