Importing Old Ghost Content to New Ghost

I have an old Ghost blog that I had at a separate domain that I am trying to import into my primary Ghost blog. I exported the old blog to a JSON file and believe that the migration over to my new blog should be as simple as using the JSON import from the blog UI, but I’m nervous that the import will drop and build a new table with the imported JSON. Is this how it is done or should I be fine with importing the content as all it does is write the new data to the database?

There’s a lot of variables here, but the first thing to try would be to export your posts via Settings > Labs > Export. Then, import that file to your new Ghost site via the same menu.

This process isn’t destructive, meaning that your new and old posts will be preserved. That being said, it’s always a good idea to export the posts on both sites, just in case you want to restore things to an earlier state.

Ghost has an in-depth guide on moving content from Ghost to Ghost that’ll walk you through the process:

Simple enough! Thank you for confirming and also sharing the guide!

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