Including ghost sitemap in your site's sitemap

Hi all,

I have a site and a blog. Blog is hosted in ghost platform and it is accessible through “”.

I am new to SEO and I want to add Sitemap to my site. Since ghost generates sitemap automatically for each posts, how can I connect ghost sitemap to my site’s sitemap? also do I have to modify my site’s sitemap often?

please help. TIA

I think your best bet is to link the sitemaps in the robots.txt file. In that case, you won’t have to do any manual maintenance!

Google robots.txt reference


Thanks for your help.

Also do i have to ping google after i add new blog posts??
and my posts are not showing up in google search even if i search the whole blog titile, any idea whats wrong?

As far as I’m aware, Ghost automatically does this for you :slight_smile:

It can take several days for a search engine to find your content, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be the first hit in Google. However, Google has a Search Console that can show you what it knows about your site. You can learn more about it and connect your site at This tool will also take a few days to populate your site data.