Increasing the Reauthentication Interval to prevent timeouts

  • Note this is a self-hosted version of Ghost on an internal site. Ghost was installed on Ubuntu 16.0.
  • Ghost v4.8.4, Node v14.17.1

While writing multiple new posts on Ghost v4.8.4, I get timed out in the middle of an article needing to reauthenticate again (using the default auth that comes with Ghost). Is there a configuration setting to bump up the expiration period to prevent these timeouts and requiring to auth again?

The session timeout is 6 months. If you’re being logged out repeatedly then it sounds like there’s some other problem :confused:

Do you have any extensions that may be clearing cookies?
Are you sharing your login with anyone else that may be logging out?
Are you seeing any network errors in your browser’s dev tools console?