Installing ghost

Hi I am trying to install ghost locally and I am getting this error. I have other folders in the local directory that need to be there. How can I resolve this? Thanks
garys-MacBook-Pro ~ % ghost install local
A SystemError occurred.

Message: Current directory is not empty, Ghost cannot be installed here.

Debug Information:
OS: Mac OS X, v10.15.5
Node Version: v14.16.1
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.16.3
Environment: production
Command: ‘ghost install local’

Does it work if you create a directory under, let’s say Documents (or whatever you have) and call that folder demo and in the terminal, navigate to that folder and from there, run ghost install local --db=sqlite

In other words, run the install from the empty folder called demo.

I haven’t tried that wasn’t sure if it had to be in the usr/local folder.
Does it matter where its saved?

It shouldn’t as far as I know. As long as it’s an empty directory and as long as you have node.js, npm and ghost cli installed.

Have you followed the instructions here?

Yeah that worked thanks bear

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