Can't install ghost in the project


I’ve tried to install ghost both local and normal on a project from scratch and then also from there: git://

In both cases I had the same error:
A SystemError occurred.

Message: Current directory is not empty, Ghost cannot be installed here.

Debug Information:
OS: Mac OS X, v10.14.3
Node Version: v10.15.1
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.9.9
Environment: production
Command: ‘ghost install local’

Does anyone have a solution for this? Or something…

Thank you!



Hey @tania :wave:

It looks like your current directory is not empty! Can you run ls -al to check that there are no files or folders?



Started another project from scratch.
Still same pb, even though I have 0 files in total.

Also does that mean that if you have a project that is already started and later you want to add Ghost CMS you can’t?



You generally don’t want to put data in the ghost installation directory. There’s many ways you can set up your Ghost environment for theme development.

The one I use involves a directory for the theme contents, and a subdirectory specifically for ghost. I then use a symlink to map the built theme’s directory (since my themes have a build process) to instance/content/themes/theme-name

Another common choice is to create the theme in content/themes/theme-name and work from there.

Looking at the output of ls -al, there’s a .idea directory which isn’t permitted. You can install ghost in a subdirectory with the -d flag (e.g. ghost install local -d instance)

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


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