Integrating into ghost org

I’ve been using publishing network for a while and I thought to myself is there anyway to integrate into ghost because I would really like that

How would you want that integration to work.

I don’t see any evidence of a notd API, which would seem to complicate things.

I was thinking like Posting integration If you post something from your ghost website then it would post it to

Ghost produces a webhook for new posts. Does notd have an api?

No I don’t believe it does

That’s your answer. While it may be possible to pretend to be the user and make a post, the thing about APIs is that they’re made to be easy for computers to talk to each other, and they change rarely. They’re also an invitation to developers to do things like this. Lack of an API is not promising.

I could write something that made posts to notd by pretending to be you (using your cookie, and hoping they don’t have 2FA), but as soon as they rearranged their website, it’d break what I wrote.

If you want an integration with notd, push THEM to make an API. Then you’ll have options.

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Ok thank you for letting me know it’s much appreciated