Is the documentation open source?

I’m getting acquainted witht the Ghost project as a whole and the admin API in particular, as I work on adding support for Ghost to my Mac blogging app, MarsEdit.

I’m running into some minor documentation tweaks that I would submit as pull requests if the documentation is open source. I see there is a “docs” repository but it’s listed as “archived” and doesn’t seem to match the public site.

Is there a way to submit changes? One in particular that stood out to me just now is the documentation claiming that DELETE requests will return a 200 status on success, whereas I confirmed through experience and by reading the code, that it will return a 204 instead.


In the past, I’ve just submitted issues to The docs used to be open source, but are not anymore

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Thanks! I think it would be a good idea to open up the docs to an official contribution/collaboration process, but I suppose they had their reasons for taking them offline.

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