Internal Linking In Ghost

Is there a service or product / integration that I can use to add internal links to my Ghost blog posts a little easier and faster? Maybe like an internal link suggestion tool or something?

All help appreciated!


Any help or ideas on this?

You could do this with the search option at the top of the sidebar in Ghost admin :slight_smile:. This searches all your content with a speedy autocomplete dropdown to help you find content containing to your entered phrase

I think searching manually is not what they are after, I’m also after a suggestion feature built into the editor like the plugins available for wordpress.


FWIW, this is a breaker for me. Without this ‘rapid internal linking’ it’s much slower to create a site that is coherent and well linked.

Ping me if this ever gets implemented in ghost.

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There is a huge need for ghost creators to look into this. They could partner with certain plugin creators like link whisper etc

Its been a deal breaker for many.

Internal linking was the very first issue I started solve out (well, first one after error 502). And I found this topic. I’m not smiling now but my mouth is wide open. I do long fact-articles and I’m using internal linking all the time. I have nice really minimalistic editor and… I have to jump off text and start digging urls?

Now I understand why Ghost sells so hardly idea where should use external editor. Sure, it is an option WHEN internal linking means nothing.

Guys — this is really important.

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Is this still unresolved? or has there been any progress here?

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Would also like to know if there are any plans. I think it is a mandatory feature.

I guess I’ll jump in here as well.

I’m trying to build a simple Table of Contents at the top of a post. I’ve been trying to get internal links to work on the page itself, and so far no joy. I’ve followed the guidance I found elsewhere, but it appears that (a) there is no good way to add an anchor tag to a place in an article, unless I write the entire post in HTML, and (b) you have to actually publish the post for the internal links to work.

I can’t imagine the hassle if I was building a site with a large number of internal links to headings and such.

This is one of the examples of the downside of a simple editor. Might be nice to a way to add functionality to the editor.