✨ Introducing Discourse on Ghost - Reimagining the integration!

@denvergeeks OK, that makes sense, but I have my Ghost installation as my top-level domain, so the Discourse needs to be a separate entity to that. I can see the benefit of @vikaspotluri123 application to facilitate smoother signing on between the two, but ultimately I think I need something that is more ‘out of the box’ and less prone to technical mistakes that I’m likely to make at some point along the way.

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I’m interested with Docker method please…
Many of us use Docker. If I can help in any way, I’ll be glad to.

Thanks for the tool @vikaspotluri123

I tested it and found it to be working.

I found that the official documentation was not clear (to me) at a few points and hence I wrote how I deployed it in this tutorial.

I hope others find it useful.

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