Inviting user results in error: "main content Validation (FieldIsInvalid) failed for ["role_id"]"

Howdy, howdy howdy,

Ghost 2.9.1 (most recent installation) and practically new blog. I’m trying to invite a user but when I send it i get the error:

main content Validation (FieldIsInvalid) failed for [“role_id”]

They also never receive the email. I have used the email testing under labs and I do receive the email from that, so it seems like it just flat out fails with this error.

Hey @Shadowbottle!

This looks very similar to an issue we have fixed recently:

We will investigate asap.

They also never receive the email.

If the invite fails with an error, the email won’t be sent.

Thanks for the reply - checking the other thread now. Be aware that when the error is encountered, at least on one attempt, a notification was generated claiming the user had been invited and displaying a countdown of 7 days before the invite expired, making it appear as though the invite had been issued. Thanks!

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